The Process

Dr. Chinks believes that identifying how one’s sexual issues may be related to psychological as well as physiological functioning requires a holistic approach. Thus, in practice, she aims to treat the “whole” individual rather than focus solely on the symptom at hand.



Treatment begins with an evaluation of the individual’s sexual and/or relational difficulties, followed by a thorough sexual history. Next, Dr. Chinks works jointly with her patients to develop goals and objectives, before presenting and implementing various techniques to achieve these goals. Typically, sessions are comprised of talk therapy, psychoeducation, and some follow-up “homework” or exercises that can be practiced between sessions.

On some occasions, Dr. Chinks may refer her patient’s to another professional, such as a prescribing psychiatrist, gynecologist or urologist, to ensure that they receive the best and most well-rounded care. Many sexual issues involve both the mind and the body; thus, it is often both useful and rewarding to treat both simultaneously and synergistically so as to ensure the best long-term results for each individual.


While there are various theoretical approaches that sex therapists rely on to guide their practice, the theories that most influence Dr. Chinks’ practice are cognitive behavioral, existential/humanistic and systems/couples theory. Dr. Chinks uses a multidisciplinary approach that allows her to create a customized treatment plan to address the particular issues, circumstances, and symptoms her patients are experiencing. Additionally, as a licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Chinks can fully address and treat other psychological symptoms these individuals may be suffering from in conjunction with their sexual issue(s).


Working with Dr. Chinks can be as simple as a brief consultation, or a multi-session course of therapy. Patients can meet individually (50 minute session) or as a couple (60 minute session), depending on the reason for the visit and the patient’s needs. A more detailed description of the sessions is provided by Dr. Chinks at the initial visit. While Dr. Chinks is not on any insurance plan panels, she can assist patients in seeking out-of-network benefits.